Mobile Checklists to improve productivity and compliance.

Check$mart is an automated custom checklist product for the management of daily tasks and checklists. It is a business intelligence and efficiency tool infusing productivity and time management elements into the workflows of hospitality and franchisee businesses. It serves its purpose using advanced data models that feed off inputs from other company data.

Product Highlights

  • Allows multi-unit operators a remote view of tasks by different on-ground staff from different locations.
  • Replaces current paper-based checklists with a state-of-the-art mobile and web application.
  • Can be used by front-end employees, maintenance staff, kitchen staff, room service, and housekeeping staff to update the completion of their daily tasks.
  • Publishes data, in real-time, to an executive dashboard, for the consumption of and analysis by business owners, senior management and other decision-makers.
  • Comes embedded with an early warning system for QSR and Kitchen staff to make sure all critical food and safety parameters are checked and non-compliance, if any, is immediately captured and addressed.

Product Benefits

  • Serves as analytics consulting support by saving employee time, improving productivity, eliminating human error, and saving cost.
  • Reporting to senior teams is in real-time, enabling immediate action.
  • Frees up to two hours per day, per employee if the product suite is implemented.
  • Automation and freed-up time results in employees focusing more on revenue-generating and customer-centric tasks.
  • Check$mart eliminates paper based processes – scheduling, checklists, feedback, updates. Perfect for a go-green strategy – save on paper, earn green rewards.


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