Mobile Checklists to improve productivity and compliance.

Listen$mart is an automated feedback and data sourcing product that enables companies to acquire comprehensive information and opinions from employees and customers. By targeting the two most important stakeholders, the tool facilitates an internal and strategic business intelligence framework.

Listen$mart is versatile in that it can be deployed inside any kind of organization, in any industry. It is built to garner the most business-relevant customer insights in the most digitally useful form. Enabling the possibility to exchange information both ways, it also serves as a great tool to rollout training programs and assessment modules. It schedules sales visits and circulates product information just as effectively. It surveys employees to capture their field knowledge, puts the raw information through a data cleansing process, and adds invaluable primary data to a business’ knowledge repository. It can be powerfully utilized inside businesses that cater to high customer footfalls – E.g. restaurants, hospitals, hotels, resorts, and stores or those with large field sales teams like in pharma, insurance, and telecom.

Listen$mart can be linked to Impact Analytics’ Check$mart product for the management of daily tasks and checklists.

Product Highlights

  • Audio, Video and Photo based feedback.
  • Easy to use Mobile and web interfaces.
  • Cloud-enabled solution.
  • Various types of Survey inputs.
  • Surveys with an expiry period.
  • Easy-to-use panel to create, share and analyse surveys.
  • Role based Survey assignment.
  • Dashboards to view survey results.
  • Scalable for millions of users.
  • Email alert integration.


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