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Data is the bedrock of modern retail.

It is everywhere, it is ever-increasing and it holds the potential to impact everything. In the realm of operations management, advanced analytics, and, specifically, predictive modelling, are responsible for the complete overhauling of supply chain dynamics.

Astute forecasting models, like ARIMA, have brought preparation, ease and efficiency to complicated stock movement and replenishment in large multi-product, multi-SKU retail businesses. The outcome is more than a reduction in costs. Ordering smart is now a sales strategy and omni-channel retail is successfully riding the wave.

Inventory Replenishment Tool (IRT) has been developed in-house at Impact Analytics (IA) to make accurate and granular sales predictions which can lead to no-wastage, high-yielding, and periodic stock replenishments. The product churns business data into actionable insights and becomes a one-stop ordering tool for modern retail.

It has proved to be an effective and powerful solution at convenience stores, mega marts, offices and specialty retailers. It has been particularly useful for pharma and food retailers.

Product Highlights

  • Calculates the most granular data - by product, per day, per store, etc.
  • Runs a tournament of 14 data models and picks the best performing model for every time series forecasted.
  • Can factor in promotions across stores, product categories and geographies.
  • Considers seasonal variations such as sales peaks on Black Friday, Christmas and Valentines Day.
  • Can be linked to IA’s Promo$mart tool for improved pricing decisions, pricing ratifications and promotion planning.


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