Think smart, Promo Smart.

Thanks to digitization of retail and the explosion of me-too products on store shelves, aggressive discounts & offers are now a yearlong phenomenon. Entire markets, vying for customers’ share of wallet, have become vulnerable to the practice. Customers have lapped up the opportunity to buy cheap and are always on the lookout for the better deal. Consequently, price has become one of the most popular differentiators at the marketplace. However, that does not bode well for brand managers, for whom, not all promotions (“promos”) justify the strategy.

Promos often fall short of attracting new customers or of generating repeat business from existing customers. Some, in fact, end up being lethal to the bottom-line.

With algorithmic and computational help from Impact Analytics (IA), companies can avoid recasting bad promos and start designing better ones. Promo$mart is just the retail analytics tool for it.

Product Highlights

  • Promo$mart is a decision-making, marketing analytics solution on the screens of data-savvy brand custodians.
  • It analyzes multiple metrics to determine their viability in the promotion calendar.
  • It evaluates secondary effects of promotional campaigns (- affinity, cannibalization, pull-forward) and provides conclusive evidence of a bleed or a success.
  • Its insights provide bargaining power to the retailer in negotiating the share of discount the manufacturer must support.

Promo$mart at work

A billion-dollar specialty retail chain in the US signed up Impact Analytics to assess their on-going promotions. The company ran approximately 65,000 multiple format promos per year, making promo management a severe challenge. The management had suspected toxic promos were wounding the margins. Accurate tracking and assessment became an urgency. The onboarding of Promo$mart enabled tracking tools in the system. It supported category managers in identifying and fixing poorly performing promos. Advanced analytics helped optimize company-wide campaigns and that year IA’s Promo$mart product saved the company USD 2.5 Mn in margins alone!



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