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Chatbots can do more than replicate human interaction

Bots are the future. Bot-powered commerce is closer to reality than fiction. Today’s businesses can benefit from the three dominant types of bots, Scripted and Intelligent. Scripted bots follow predetermined paths and are used to reduce costs by deploying them in customer service environments. AI allows the intelligent bots to be more flexible regarding the user input they can accept. They can process free-form information in the form of text or voice statements (but of course they are not limited to other types of input if that makes sense). AI also allows them to improve via self-learning.

Chatbots can answer frequently asked business queries in an instant

AI-Based Chatbot
AI-Based Chatbot

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Instant answer to business queries In traditional approach, businesses ask questions to data engineering teams and await their reply. This typically takes on an average of 2 business days. Longer turnaround time results in either businesses shying away from data driven approach or delay in decision making. As chatbots have real time access to data, these reports can be generated instantly.

Self-learning – Our chatbots based on advanced AI algorithms keep learning from queries asked to them. Over time they evolve to answer complex business queries as well thereby reducing the dependency on central teams to generate insights.

User-friendly, plug and play solution – Our chatbot solutions are easy to implement over the web or as an application with an intuitive user interface for easy consumption across the board from store managers to CXOs.