Inventory management making it difficult to optimize cost?

AIR (Automated Inventory Replenishment) can help!

Get your inventory management & forecasting right with AIR

AIR (Automated Inventory Replenishment) is an analytics powerhouse that analyses demand data at a granular level and generates accurate demand forecasts. AIR is intuitive, easy to use and install and helps visualize, validate and adjusts forecasts according to the business needs and demands. AIR’s high degree of precision, accuracy and flexible makes it the go to virtual inventory manager.

Automated Inventory Replenishment


The inventory management tool you were looking for!

Interested in achieving operational efficiencies while reducing complexities
Revamp your inventory management process and achieve steep cost optimization. AIR understands the past patterns, helps you decide better in the present and makes future prediction accurate and easy


Built on top of Impact Analytics’ rich experience in working in some of the most challenging retail environments, AIR takes into consideration some of the main issues that plague retailers when it comes to managing inventory. Some of its main features are:

Track key metrics for inventory management – Use in-built, industry approved inventory management KPIs like inventory turnover, cost of carrying inventory, rate of return, etc. The users has flexibility to define / create KPIs most suitable to their context keeping in mind the business and industry demands.

Operates as per SaaS model – Provides flexibility to the users and helps customize as per the business needs.

Easy to use and intuitive interface – The application is easy to use and extremely intuitive. The management can access control easily and view the inventory level at different region / stores as desired.

Reporting and visualization – Easy to generate reports, visualize, validate and adjust forecasts as per the business needs. It’s also easy to view historical data analyses and past reports are easily accessible
User friendly, plug and play solution – AIr has an embedded AI based chatbot to help in navigation and deliver insights on demand. It is an easy to deploy plug-and-play solution that starts generating value immediately.

Delivering Results

Automated Inventory Replenishment
  1. Reduction in weeks of inventory led to savings of $16 million
  2. Stockout elimination led to a retailer savings $10 million
  3. More than $2 million saved from manpower optimization

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Impact delivered –  AIR’s implementation at a fast fashion billion dollar retailer led to $50M in savings for the client via granular level demand forecasting that resulted in smoother and efficient inventory management process.