With google empowering the world with information at their fingertips and with rapid innovation in technology solutions, there is a disproportionate amount of power in the hands of the consumer. Be it travel or hospitality, the focus has shifted on delivering prime services and unique experiences to customers at an optimum price. Companies are increasingly using data from new and unique sources such as social media, online booking engines to make actionable decisions, such as:

  • Guest profiling
  • Reputation management
  • Optimization of guest touch-points
  • Customer loyalty programs
  • And providing the best in-house experience at low costs

Our solutions combine advanced analytics algorithms and data models to help analyze internal and external data points to recommend profitable decisions. We have helped clients in the hospitality industry identify patterns and relationships for business problems ranging from forecasting seasonal trends to creating the right pricing. We have enabled hotels to study the behavioral profiles of customers and identified room for profitable promotional offerings.

We have developed tools to monitor expense management due to spikes in staff requirement during seasonal occupancy. Our collaboration with a leading American hotel chain resulted in 5-6 percent drop in staffing requirements as we helped them digitize the daily staff agendas, easing the compliance on health and hygiene maintenance.