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Consumer Packaged Goods

Nowadays, companies cannot afford to lose out on ideas or analyzed data that can help their business to do better in order to stay ahead of the competition including Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) companies. There are exorbitant volumes of data for customer needs, demand and even customer behavior, due to which there is a real time need for statistical analysis of data attained from customer behavior vis-à-vis store engagement, social media engagement and sales, data from mobile sources, store engagements, market promotions, etc.

Impact Analytics encompasses the challenges of big data and provides cost-effective predictive models with a thoughtful and intuitive UI to enable customers to refine their decision making processes. Promo$mart will allow CPG companies to understand the daily business demands as well as optimize their promotions to maximize their bottom-line margin. While $urgent will help in executing the apt pricing strategy through the statistical analysis of historical data, KVI analysis, competition analysis and other market trends.

With a combination of sophisticated and a 360-degree approach of data science solutions, business consulting and even analytics services, IA empowered a leading US-based company to increase its topline by $19 M through our price optimization solutions.