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Digital trends and technology solutions have seen a tremendous change both in terms of business innovation and functioning in the hospitality domain. Favorably, due to the systematic functioning of hospitality domain, most of the customer data obtained can be accurately collated and analyzed. Big data from the hospitality industry that has been analyzed helps identify patterns and relationships between data. These range from forecasting seasonal trends to creating the right pricing to expense management of the staff requirement during seasonal occupancy.

Par example, well established companies that were predominantly present offline are now taking the advantage of online channels to expand their audience, increase customer acquisition as well as improve their sales strategy and profits using online modes. All the solutions of IA embody the fact that hospitality clients can in no way fail on the customer satisfaction front. With advanced analytics algorithms and data models, IA analyses the internal and external data points of the hospitality industry to recommend profit-enhancing decisions, thereby giving our clients a competitive edge. In fact, our collaboration with a leading American hotel chain resulted in 5-6 percent drop in staffing requirements as we helped them digitize the daily staff agendas, easing the compliances on health and hygiene maintenance.