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The biggest challenge for the pharma industry is to bridge the gap between the initial investments to experimentation and finally to scaling up the business. Fortunately, this is a regulated industry with voluminous data that can be analyzed through various means. Each step in any drug development process generates large amount of data, at the end of which the safety and efficacy of the drugs developed depends on the data gathering and processing stages.

Right from clinical research to post market safety monitoring, there are numerous rules and regulations as well as standardizations that pharmaceutical companies need to adhere to. The major hurdle to overcome here is collecting accurate data from various sources and integrating them in an optimal and coherent form. Suboptimal harmonization of clinical data can pose serious risk to patient safety, delay the review processes, increase the run up costs and lead to regulatory noncompliance.

We collaborate with Pharma companies to provide them with our suite of solutions to achieve regulatory compliance and patient safety. With Check$mart, companies can manage compliances and with Listen$mart, they can directly gather the field knowledge from sales representatives all using their smartphones.

We have synergized our big data pharma analytics to create a platform for easy data integration and standardization, data transformation per industry standards, scenario analysis and insight generation. IA’s data science solutions and well though-out ideas have helped our pharmaceutical clients reduce time to market by 22 percent and cost of trials by 18 percent. Clients have also used our products to achieve full regulatory compliance and patient safety.