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A restaurant business that successfully marries food to technology is often rewarded by high traffic growth and increased consumer spending. A case in point is Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), a segment defined by retail, fast food, and minimal table service. The very nature of a QSR prompts customers to engage, interact, and transact far more than in any other foodservice format. This level of customer involvement generates opportunities to record, collect, and analyze humongous amounts of data.

QSR managements across the globe are literally forced to continually come up with new-and-engaging ideas and new food items to add onto their menus to cater to the changing demands of the customers across demographics. Not only do the labor costs, real estate prices and perishable nature of food in this industry pose a challenge even the standardized health and safety norms are a challenge as they must be followed to a T.

The actual challenge is to record the data so that it is put to good use for various business decisions, thereby generating extra dollars from the data. Experience suggests that about 7 percent lift in top-line and 2 to 3 percent improvement of bottom-line can be achieved if the data is used well.

Impact Analytics (IA) has developed a strong portfolio of restaurant analytics products. Schedule$mart and Check$mart have been customized to analyze and improve QSR dynamics. Promo$mart enables restaurants to visualize the effect of discounts and coupons on its vittles.

Our innovative and intuitive solutions allow brand owners and franchises to forecast data that can be used in their favor. This enables efficient staff and manpower management, focused inventory management and to better forecast sales with immense accuracy. IA's recent engagement with a leading American coffee chain helped the brand increase sales by 8 percent!