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Retailers must constantly keep refining their market strategies to stay on the top of their game due to stern competition from their respective competitors. Challenges ranging from right target audience, promotions to dynamic price changes and escalating personalization demands of customers, retailers must innovate and strategize to prevent crumbling under the competition. Impact Analytics provides wholistic range of services that will enable retailers to increase performance, aid in the growth of the company and firm up their bottom-lines.

Promo$mart: is an easy plug-and-play solution that has been thoughtfully designed to provide retailers the optimum predictive promotion response models that will allow their clients to direct their resources to the right places.

$urgent: IA’s Price Management solution enables retailers to decide on the right pricing for Key Value Items (KVIs) and categories to drive maximum value perception after processing historical transaction data, benchmark against competition prices, and accounting strategic and market signals.

Test → Learn: aids in validating results and iterating tests through automated test suggestions using the statistical business models. Clients of IA have effectively used this experiment-to-action solution across various industries and functions for business growth.

Personalization: our cutting-edge product Personalia is a data platform that can be connected to marketing automation and content distribution software to satiate the personalization demand of customers without having to bombard them with blanket emails and offers.

Demand Planning and Forecasting: to avoid out-of-stock or excess inventory, IA’s intuitive Alr (Automated Inventory Replenisher) analyses demand data at the most granular level and generates accurate demand forecasts to reduce the inventory holding costs and other expenses.

Operation Analytics: the suite of products combines process automation and the convenience of a smartphone using our thoughtful products of Listen$mart, Check$mart and Schedule$mart that enables retailers to easily manage employee feedback, checklist and scheduling solutions respectively.

Market Analytics: our team of experts who are adept at leveraging evolving tools to provide requisite data backed insights and marketing analytics solutions to clients help them invest the right amount in right place by using advanced modelling techniques and Return on Investment metrics.