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Telecom & Media

With a high cost of customer acquisitions, diverse customer needs, and a high rate of customer churn in the telecom industry, it is no wonder that the Average revenue per user (ARPU) has been consistently declining!

Every operator is in search for new ways to escalate revenues and profits but few have demonstrated the capabilities needed to make the most of this new technology. Operators having access to big data need to be fast, agile and iteratively improving to truly capture past trends, pre-empt future trends and add value to the business organization.

At Impact Analytics (IA), with our strong experience in business analytics and predictive models, we build customized algorithms for our clients’ business objectives.

Our set of solutions and products help the telecom and media executives with the following:

Predict and Arrest Customer Churn: Pre-empting customer churns and taking retention measures like personalized marketing and promotions using location-based and social media analytics insights.

Detect Fraud: Analyze customer data, location, and usage history to identify fraudulent behaviour in real time to cut damages due to unruly transactions / interactions.

Improve Operational Efficiency: Analyze and Optimize network quality, deployment and coverage in real time.

Improve Product Portfolio: Analyze customer behavior and demographics to build new products and/or rapidly update existing products.

The IA team worked with a top DTH service provider in the US and our analytics solutions reduced churn by 12 percent and steered their business towards a growth trajectory. We also helped them systematically arrange their data using dashboards for insights into different levels of hierarchy.