Marketing Analytics

The advancement of data analytics has changed the way customers are analyzed or a campaign is evaluated. The need for using data analytics in marketing is mostly driven by the new age customer, who is more informed about the choices than ever before. The number of touchpoints in both online and offline media has increased exponentially, and with the advent of social media, it has become easier to engage with the customer.

Harnessing all these developments requires significant investments. And hence, it is imperative that the investment is made in the right medium, to reap maximum benefits. Marketing data analytics can address this by answering questions like:

  1. How are our marketing initiatives performing? How will they perform in the future? How do we improve them?
  2. How do our marketing activities compare with competitors?
  3. Are we devoting our resources to the right channels? Are we leveraging all available touch points properly?

Media mix modeling helps to determine the sales impact generated by individual channels, whereas channel attribution helps in determining the credit to be attributed to channels for sales and conversion.

Our team of experts, through advanced modeling techniques and tracking key metrics like ROI, guide our clients to maximize their channel investments. Our team is equally adept at leveraging the currently evolving tools such as sentiment analysis using advanced NLP algorithms, to understand consumer behavior, sentiments, and preferences by tracking their responses on social media. Through all these, we intend to provide robust data-backed insights and comprehensive marketing analytics solutions to enable our client to stay a step ahead of the competition.