Merchandising Optimization

Forecast the Right Inventory Quality


Companies need 100% visibility and accuracy while managing their inventory. Impact Analytics’ merchandising solutions help in reading and analyzing past data. The solution also creates an understanding of the demand for various products and forecast the right quantity of inventory needed by the client.

Key Solutions

Inventory Allocation

Accurate forecasting to reduce inventory costs and boost bottom-line

Buy Optimization

Automated SKU optimization and inventory tracking to enhance the buy portfolios


Converting demand forecasts to inventory orders with high accuracy



The AI-based solutions provided by Impact Analysis has helped Fashion Industries in saving million’s of dollars and improving bottom-line savings.


Technological advancement to improve demands and forecasting. AI-based approach has assisted retail industry in optimizing their operational excellence.

Food Retailers

IA has been providing data-driven insights to Food Retailers that improved their service and conversion rates, lower customer acquisition costs and avoid churn.

Success Stories

Inventory Replenishment

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