AI-enabled forecasting, planning, and merchandising for 2021, and beyond

A.I. is disrupting the world today and retail is not untouched. With customer’s shopping expectations soaring and disruptive technology a constant, being customer-centric is an ever-moving target. Traditional forecasting methods will no longer meet demand, leaving you to either play catch-up with your customers or radically increase inventory costs.
Impact Analytics is enabling retailers to step into the future today. We harness the power of cutting-edge AI to put smarter, faster data insights and analytics-revealing true shopper demand-in the hands of our customers.
Accurate Store SKU level forecasting by IA’s AI-guided model ADA helps mitigate the COVID-19 effects in merchandising. AssortSmart for mapping similar styles using descriptions. Pricing and promo management using PromoSmart. AllocateSmart for automated inventory ordering and allocation. Image based attribute tagging in AttributeSmart.

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