Digitize the field knowledge to get the Inside Insight

Retailers, QSR chains, Insurance & Pharma players need to manage a plethora of critical customer facing operations without any room for error. The field force interact with the customers on a daily basis and have access to incredibly useful information about the customer behaviour. For example, retail store associates are best placed to observe customer behaviour change with change in the store layouts. Restaurant servers can understand the un-said reactions from customers for a new item on the menu or a revision in the prices of existing items. Insurance providers need to ensure that the correct details of the plans & coverage are communicated to the customers.Impact Analytics’ Inside Insight product combines process automation and the convenience of a smartphone platform to speed up operational tasks and make them error-proof. Easy two-way information flow ensures that the senior management are closer to the field than every

Inside Insight
Inside Insight

Do not lose your field force's voice in translation

InsideInsight is optimized for a smartphone experience along with intelligent cleansing algorithms to filter out unreliable responses. It can perform automatic NLP analysis of free text feedback to synthesize topics, linking feedback to respondent’s data to develop a richer context for interpreting feedback. This helps accelerate decision making by providing real-time information along with improving employee productivity by freeing up their time. It also helps achieve 100% compliance by eliminating human errors. InsideInsight has a suite of three smartphone applications to suite every requirement.
ListenSmart: smartphone-based employee engagement and survey solution which can help companies mine tacit employee knowledge. Powered by NLP algorithms and intuitive visualizations, it makes the journey from raw response data to insights, fast and effective.

ScheduleSmart: An automated scheduling system with a communication engine that enables easy management of employee schedules.

CheckSmart: Get a deep drill down of your global marketing calendar based on regions and product categories. The Smartphone based task checklist management solution helps employees to complete their tasks efficiently and helps management to monitor their work effectively.


Multi-device compatibility – Inside Insight is built with compatibility across mobile, tablet and desktops to ensure that all field knowledge is captured at point of origin.

Automation of every day tasks –  Easy to automate tasks like scheduling, maintaining and filling check-lists with reminder and triggers with pre-defined set of rules.

Highly degree of customize for every use case – Inside Insight’s two-way information flow architecture makes it fit for any use case to interact with the field teams – share product information, conduct training, assessment programs, capturing customer feedback etc.
Flexibility with type of data – Unique architecture enables easy operation with text, audio, photo or video forms of data to be captured and shared seamlessly.