Our Advisory board

Industry Experts Impacting Business Profitability

Our Advisory Board

Experienced team with deep industry, strategy consulting,
product development & data science backgrounds

Mark Mizicko

25+ years of experience | Expertise is in the data-driven, scientific insights that resulted in substantial GM$ improvement across the span of Retail and DTC enterprises | Leader of management teams that have increased EV by ~$3B | Expert in Customer Segmentation and Migration, and Applied Data Science.

Adam Dill

25+ years of experience in CPG industry | I Expertise in strategy development and executional excellence | Develop and execute industry-leading capabilities and customer centric solutions to deliver against the top and bottom-line | Strong believer in unleashing power of the people to deliver profitable growth

Keith Lefaiver

25+ years of experience in retail, wholesale and service industries | Passion for entrepreneurial spirit and driving business results | Help clients to meet business needs and achieve business goals through a cost-effective alternative support organization | Expertise in Consulting, Strategy and Execution/Implementation services.