Personalization is crucial to meet the ever-evolving demands of customers. As customers look to splurge or save depending on their needs, companies must relate to the customers’ precise interests.

Marketing & Merchandising teams must work together to create personalized messaging/offers to engage the customer. It would be a lost opportunity to not take full advantage of signals from multiple channels. However, making sense of this multi-faceted data to generate actionable insights is not easy. All too often, companies rely on antiquated techniques such as basic segmentation and email blasts with poor timing and relevance.

Our solution is powered at its core by a 360-degree customer database that can be connected to marketing automation and content distribution software to generate truly personalized offers. The key features of our solution are:

  1. A 360-degree customer database refreshed in real time to capture customers’ journey in terms of curated metrics
  2. Propensity scoring to identify the customer’s readiness to purchase, engage across different channels or respond to a certain offer predicting the ROI of a campaign.
  3. Identify the probability of customer churn and suggest the next best offer driven by an AI-powered prediction engine
  4. Experimentation engine which measures the impact of pilot campaigns in real time and suggests optimum rollout strategy
  5. AI chatbot integration on the website and mobile apps to suggest products, offers, and back in stock event reminders that generate a personalized experience.

With this cutting-edge personalization solution, Impact Analytics has helped multiple clients delight their customers and boost financial performance. Impact Analytics’ product recommendation solution has helped in recommending curated products for its customer, that generated an additional $19M in revenue for a specialty fashion retailer.