With health care policy reforms undergoing several changes, an increased focus on ‘patient-centric’ health care, the restructuring of the U.S. healthcare delivery system, and an intensely competitive landscape (sparked most recently by the entry of Amazon into the pharmaceutical industry), the pharmaceutical industry is seeing the rapid evolution.

Pharmaceutical and healthcare companies need to disrupt conventional approaches to how they reach and care for patients. Success in this rapidly changing marketplace requires companies to continually reassess strategies by being nimble to change and operating in an agile manner.

Impact Analytics is helping leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies:

  • Dashboard design and Reporting of performance metrics.
  • Campaign design and measurement
  • Salesforce planning and incentive design
  • Improve ROI from marketing efforts via marketing and media mix planning and optimization
  • Enhance customer management, market research, promotions, R&D, outcomes, and operations excellence initiatives to shape drug development and commercialization.,

Our suite of operations analytics solutions has helped pharma companies achieve regulatory compliance and patient safety standards with Check$mart to manage compliance checks and Listen$mart to directly gather field knowledge from sales representatives via smartphones.