Determine Price Elasticity & Identify recommended Price


IA’s PriceSmart pricing analytics software processes historical transactions data, competition prices and other market and strategic signals to enable right pricing decisions. This pricing analytics tool determines Price Elasticity at the store-SKU level and helps in identifying pricing recommendation of Key-Value items and Categories. This pricing analytic model is powered by advanced optimization techniques. It marks trajectory management. Moreover, the testing suite enables accurate framing of price change experiments in smaller, low-risk store-sets and rolls across a network with great confidence.

Key Features

Real-time benchmark against competition

Multi-faceted pricing decision considering product ladders, and hierarchies

Quick and efficient pricing roll out

Key Benefits

Price Optimization

Optimizes pricing recommendations of key categories

Price Localization

Localizes pricing recommendations

Customer Price Sensitivity

Rich visualizations to assess customer sensitivity to price changes

Success Stories

Price Optimization

Generate your A.I. powered pricing recommendations

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