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PromoSmart synthesizes predictive promotion response models with a thoughtfully designed intuitive workflow engine enabling multiple stakeholders to collaborate in designing impactful and profitable promos. This data based, analytics product is an end-to-end promotions management portal that helps envision, create and enable business teams to plan, manage and execute their promotions in an efficient manner and create a positive margin impact. Most merchandising teams across retailers are using experience and excel based tools to predict the performance of their promotions. The process often has multiple iterations between the managers and merchandisers leading to an inefficient and less scientific decision making.

With its advanced algorithms and strong governance framework, PromoSmart can help users design better promotions and enables the leadership teams to keep track of the process with significant ease.


Your all in one virtual promotion manager

Interested in achieving operational efficiency while reducing complexity

Revolutionize how decisions on promotions are made and achieve exponential growth. PromoSmart lets you learn from past results, experience the present and predict the future.


PromoSmart was developed very closely with retailers across different industries and integrates into any retail and CPG company with immediate benefits. Some of the key features of the product are:

Inbuilt promotion simulation window – It gives Promo suggestions, design and approval mechanism support for all marketing channels. PromoSmart offers response prediction and simulation using advanced predictive models to choose the best price point and marketing support.

Track key performance metrics – Use in-built, industry approved performance KPIs like margin lift, unit lift factor, and net margin impact. The additional pre-build KPIs helps understand secondary effects like affinity, cannibalization, and pull-forward to get net margin metric.

Easy to use and intuitive interface – Get a deep drill down of your global marketing calendar based on regions and product categories. The similarity mapping feature tags newly launched products with existing products to generate accurate forecasts.

End to end workflow management and process governance – Enable vendor negotiations and streamline workflow to achieve shorter planning cycles. Governance framework to drive easy exchange and coordination across merchandising teams.
User friendly, plug and play solution – PromoSmart has an embedded AI based chatbot to help in navigation and deliver insights on demand. It is an easy to deploy plug-and-play solution that starts generating value immediately.

Delivering Results

  • Toxic promotions reduced by 30%, leading to zero margin loss
  • Identify ‘best products’ for promotions and experience 20-25% lift in sales
  • Reduce planning time by 15% by process automation
  • Removing people dependency by institutionalized knowledge remove resource

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All in all, the PromoSmart implementation led to +$8M in savings for the client and resulted in a smoother and efficient process.