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Interested in achieving operational efficiency while reducing complexity?

Why Promosmart?

Most retail merchandising teams still waste a considerable amount of time planning ineffective promotions.
In an industry where razor thin margins are typical, and huge competitive threats loom from the likes of Amazon, retail leaders must adopt a scientific approach to planning and managing promotions.
PromoSmart is an end-to-end promotions management software product that enables business teams to plan, manage and execute their promotions in an efficient manner to create a positive margin impact.

Revolutionize how decisions on promotions are made and achieve exponential growth.

PromoSmart lets you learn from past results, understand the present and predict the future.

    Retailers need timely answers to questions such as:

How it works

PromoSmart has been developed very closely with retailers we have worked with and integrates into any retail and CPG company with immediate benefits.

Delivering Results

PromotionPipeline Promosmart
  1. Reduces toxic promotions by up to 30%, leading to zero margin loss.
  2. Identifies ‘best products’ for promotions allowing companies to experience 20-25% lift in sales.
  3. Reduces typical planning time by 15% via process automation.
  4. Removes people dependency by institutionalized knowledge sharing.

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Implementing PromoSmart led to adding +$4.5M in the bottom line for a Fortune 500 Retail client. Read more