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AI Based Chatbot Solutions

The escalating demand for fast and personalized service by customers is now keeping retailers on the edge. The best way to stay ahead of competitors and deliver on customer satisfaction promptly, is through chatbots. Chatbots are essentially AI-based programs designed to simulate a human conversation.

Retailers are capitalizing on chatbots due to their quick response time, high productivity and cost-effective nature. The burden of manual labor costs and high-error rates are ruled out with these artificially intelligent applications. Based on client requirement, chatbots can be customized with structured question-answering abilities, efficient sentiment analysis, real-time analytics, and many more features. Three prototypes have been developed by the IA team which can be personalized for any case:

  • SuperAgent: an AI-based chatbot that doubles up as a sales agent to provide enhanced customer experience by responding to user-specific queries. It can provide personalized recommendations based on past sales patterns and can suggest pairings by analyzing customer images.
  • BIBot: a Business Intelligence chatbot designed for offering meaningful and actionable business intelligence to an enterprise internally. It crunches data from company’s database to answer important business queries.
  • QuickBot: this ‘task-specific’ chatbot basically replaces customer service representatives to efficiently engage the customers with its quick FAQ responses. It can be used for FAQ handling of processes like HR, Finance, Travel desk, etc.

We have developed powerful NLP (Natural Language Processing) modules that can be quickly customized into a chatbot framework to provide ‘human-like’ responses to any user. IA has helped many clients to enhance their customer service efficiency using custom-made, cost-effective, error-free and comprehensive AI based chatbots. Chatbots are expected to dominate the retail world in the near-future and investing in the right bots today will help you reap enormous benefits tomorrow.

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