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Demand Planning and Forecasting

In today's world of fast moving retail, with a wide variety of products across multiple channels, accurate demand forecasting and inventory management is a key lever for success. Retailers need to avoid both out-of-stock situations as well as excess inventory. Due to the high degree of precision, accuracy and flexibility needed, manual or legacy based solutions are no longer an option.

Automated Inventory Replenisher (AIr) analyzes demand data at a granular level and generates accurate demand forecasts. AIr’s intuitive workflow helps merchandisers and inventory planners understand and adjust demand forecasts as well as convert these forecasts to inventory orders in the shortest possible time with a high degree of confidence and control.

The salient features of AIr are:

  • Granular level of forecasting at product level for each store, for an appropriate time window.
  • Ensemble of machine learning models to generate accurate forecasts and have an appropriate model for different demand patterns
  • Configurable business rules engine to handle product replacements, new products, promos and marketing campaigns, planogram and display limits.
  • Intuitive UI which helps to visualize, validate and adjust demand forecasts and configure and edit business rules.
  • Optimized inventory order recommendations which balances revenue and inventory holding costs
  • Reporting hub with multiple useful visualizations and customizable reports

AIr has helped IA’s clients to avoid stock-outs and reduce inventory holding and labor costs of manual inventory management. We have helped clients to save more than $50 M annually by implementing our inventory replenishment solutions.