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Operation Analytics

Retailers, QSR chains and hospitality players need to manage a plethora of operations which contribute critically to the customer experience. Due to the immense complexity of these operations, things easily go wrong and the cost of such mistakes can be high. For example, retailers cannot afford to miss executing the right planogram design or fail to put up promotion collaterals. Restaurants must be in compliance with health and safety norms. Hospitality players need to relentlessly work hard in ensuring high levels of customer satisfaction.

IA’s suite of smart products combines process automation and the convenience of a smartphone platform to speed up operational tasks and make them error-proof. Easy trackability through dashboards and alerts enables management to effectively monitor task execution.

Our Operations suite is comprised of the following solutions :

Listen$mart - Smartphone based employee engagement and surveying solution which can help companies mine tacit employee knowledge. Powered with natural language processing and intuitive visualizations, it makes the journey from raw response data to insights, fast and effective.

Check$mart - Smartphone based task checklist management solution helps employees to complete their tasks efficiently and helps management to monitor their work effectively.

Schedule$mart - Automated scheduling system with communication engine enables easy management of shift schedules.

Our smart suite of operations solutions have helped many of our clients to speed up their operations and achieve higher efficiency and lower error rate. It has the ability to free up to 2 hours per employee per day enabling a workforce to focus on more strategic and important tasks at hand.