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Test > Learn

Learning should not have to be expensive

Test > Learn is Impact Analytics’ platform to design and run controlled experiments that help cut through ambiguity and create a reliable foundation for accurately predicting the response to proposed interventions.

Business leaders have plenty of ideas to improve their business but choosing which ideas to implement is often based on gut feel and seldom backed by data science. Often, even after executing some business projects, doubts linger about its effectiveness. A lack of investigative rigor creates mixed results and hence, a feeling that the study was incomplete or performed inadequately. Controlled experimentation can help cut through this complexity. Test > Learn is thoughtfully designed to help different functions rapidly iterate tests and validate results. It uses Scientific and Mathematical rigor to isolate & measure the impact of events and provide fact-based, actionable insights.

Test And Learn

Test > Learn

Test new programs quickly before committing to nationwide roll-outs. Save millions of dollars.

Interested in achieving operational efficiency while reducing complexity

Run more experiments. Fail-fast. Fail-cheap! Scale winners quick and go big! 

Test > Learn will show you how.

Analytical horsepower Automate the sophisticated process of matching test & control groups and eliminate systemic biases for statistically significant results.

Rich metrics library – An extensive library of metrics which are configurable to tackle a wide-scope of experiments across marketing, pricing, promotion, placement or merchandizing.

Easy to use and intuitive interface Fully configurable software, with guided workflow to standardize and centralize org-wide experiments
Run simulations to assess multiple scenarios – Extrapolate results via simulations to assess feasibility of staged roll-outs before company-wide implementation
Enable auditability and reference-ability – Socialize key results amongst stakeholders via centrally-stored, always available, consumption ready outputs.

Delivering Results

Test And Learn
  1. Has delivered a 100%+ ROI on experimentation costs
  2. $2.0 Million reallocated to other experiments
  3. Helped optimally place products that increased in-store spending by 3.5%
  4. Improved conversion rates for various products by up to 6%

Interested to learn more?

Test > Learn helped a mid-sized coffee QSR chain in the US, in running trial promotions on specific products to see which promotions yielded greater profitability. The chain was able to make savings of $650k on their marketing budget.