An Extensive Library of Marketing tools for your Business Development


Business Leaders need plenty of ideas to improve their marketing and organizational functioning. Choosing a reliable idea is often based on gut feeling. Sometimes this business development idea is often backed by data science. Often, after executing some business projects, doubts linger about its effectiveness. A lack of investigative rigour creates mixed results and hence, a feeling that the study was incomplete or performed inadequately. This is where the use of TestSmart come into play. TestSmart is a thoughtfully designed business analytic platform to assist different functions and ideas rapidly. TestSmart also iterates tests and validate results.

Key Features

Compare results across multiple channels

Simulate scenarios for marketing, pricing, promotion, placement

Quantify your qualitative findings at multiple levels

Key Benefits

AI-hypothesis & Analysis

Effortless test result analysis and hypotheses validation

Customizable KPI

Customizable KPIs to track

Integrating IT infrastructure

Easily integrates with IT infrastructure

Test your recommendations easily before implementing across the board

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